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This little Brazilian has had 110% love and passion that went into raising her/him🖒Trips outside on sunny days🌞 me up late night worm catching, outside cutting clover and dandelion flowers with scissors😉Hatch date May 27th, 2017. 2.5" She has a tiny split scute as you can see in the pictures provided. This does not affect the health of the tortoise in any way as it is st...
Measures 6 inches. I got her when she about 4 weeks old. Shipped from Richard Fife back on April 2, 2014. Growing smooth🖒::🖒::🖒:: I have been raising sulcatas for many many years and this little "Golden girl" has had the best care. Feeding on a high fiber diet, supplemented with calcium (w/D3 during the winter months) and Mazuri. Soaked daily for her first 2 years with m...
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